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During a session of the 71st International Astronautical Congress on Oct. 13, NASA announced that eight nations have sig
The Korean Jindo dog is valued as an intelligent and loyal breed that protects its owners with its life.Korean reality s
National News
The Refund Sisters is a special girl group. It debuted through MBC’s famous variety show Hangout With Yoo. The group’s
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Fishing is when people catch fish. People use fishing rods and nets to catch fish. People can enjo
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Crane games, also known as claw machines and UFO catchers, are popular all across the world, especially in Japan, where the prizes come in a
What’s This About?Hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, is a technique that recovers gas and oil by drilling into the earth. It u
Wei Lei, a notorious self-proclaimed tai chi master in China, recently sparred against one of his haters for provoking him for a long period
The Refund Sisters is a girl group that was formed on MBC’s hit variety show Hangout With Yoo. The group consists of Lee Hyori, Uhm Jung-hw
World News
Armenia and Azerbaijan recently agreed to sign a ceasefire agreement over Nagorno-Karabakh. The area has been disputed by the two countries
Judge Cheon Jong-ho is an influential judge. He dedicated himself to rehabilitating juvenile offenders for eight years in the juvenile court
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Grass is a comic book by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim. It is about how women were forced to become comfort women by the Japanese military during Worl
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In partnership with the National Institute of Korean Language, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism created a special 29-page guidebo
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Because of COVID-19, Indonesia delayed its main sports events, and athletes are uncertain when they can show their talents. Indonesian baske
Many think that morning people, who don’t stay up late and wake up early in the morning, perform better than late sleepers. However, studie
Pigeons often make their nests near buildings. So it is easy to see them when we stroll down the streets. Every time we see pigeons, we noti
Pompeii was a city that existed more than 2,000 years ago in Italy. A volcano eruption destroyed the city. It is now a famous archaeological
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Fishing is when people catch fish. People use fishing rods and nets to catch fish. People can enjo
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Hungary is a country in Central Europe. Budapest is the capital. There are more than 1,000 hot spr
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A giant panda is a big animal with black and white fur. Giant pandas are well-known for their uniqu
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(1) Study. Study with your classmates. (2) Take. Take some medicine. (3) Visit. Visit the pharmacy
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