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The 68th Eurovision Song Contest commenced in Sweden on May 7 amid geopolitical tensions. The conflict in Gaza overshado
A recent study published in Radiology suggests that GPT-4, a large language model developed by OpenAI, could revolutioni
National News
To safeguard children’s safety this year, the government will carry out initiatives in the following areas.Products: wa
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Pigeons are everywhere! They are on the streets. They are on the trees. “Mom, I want to feed
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More than 2,100 individuals residing near the erupting Mount Ruang in Indonesia’s North Sulawesi Province were swiftly evacuated on Apr. 19
What’s This About?Digital nomadism is a lifestyle that involves using remote work to travel and reside in different global locations. This
The Chinese Grand Prix ended on Apr. 21 with exciting results. The motor race opened at the Shanghai International Circuit, bringing Formula
On Apr. 15, Billboard President Mike Van announced a new initiative to boost the global presence of K-pop. Billboard, an American music and
World News
The Olympic flame for the Paris 2024 Games was lit in a ceremonial event at Ancient Olympia, Greece, on Apr. 16, marking the beginning of it
Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya was born as the eldest daughter of the ruler of the Tooro Kingdom in Southwest Uganda in 1936. She broke boundari
National News
Goyang, located in Gyeonggi Province, has made a name for itself as a sustainable city, proudly being the first recognized in South Korea. O
National News
Busan is on track to become a second center of learning for aspiring K-pop artists. The Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education (BMCOE)
World News
The Japanese automobile company Toyota has recently showcased a new battery electric vehicle design. It looks like the iconic Catbus from th
Scientists from the SETI Institute, University of California Davis, and the Alaska Whale Foundation have successfully had a “conversation”
South Korean banknotes feature prominent figures from Joseon history, such as Yulgok Yi I on the W5,000 banknote and King Sejong the Great o
Medicine helps us feel better when we’re sick, but it’s crucial to dispose of it properly to protect the environment. Instead of throwing
Around Me
Pigeons are everywhere! They are on the streets. They are on the trees. “Mom, I want to feed
Yummy News
What kind of meat do people eat? There is beef, pork, or mutton. There is poultry like chicken.
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Some animals can’t control their body temperature. They are called cold-blooded animals. Example
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Online shopping is simple. You don’t go to a store. You use the internet. “What can you buy
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