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Headline News
It has been a week like no other at the United States Capitol. On Jan. 3, 2023, the House of Representatives convened to
Several years of analysis of jawbones have turned scientists’ understanding of mammal evolution upside down. Until rece
National News
The Cultural Heritage Administration will bestow “the second-highest level of heritage status” on an over-500-year-old
Around Me
A pencil is a writing or drawing tool. It is made of wood. You can write with the black tip! I
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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI died on Dec. 31, 2022, at 95 years of age. He passed away in a monastery in the Vatican.Benedict was the first po
What’s This About?Some people say lotteries are a harmless form of gambling where people pay merely a small fee for a chance to win a more
Son Heung Min scored for the first time in nine Premier League matches. Son scored the goal in the 72nd minute of Tottenham Hotspur’s 4-0 m
This year marks the 10th anniversary of I Live Alone, a popular Korean reality television show that is now leading MBC’s entertainment prog
World News
Japan’s capital will soon see solar panels on nearly all its new homes. Starting in April 2025, homebuilders will be required to add solar
Qin Shi Huang was born Prince Zheng in 259 B.C. He was the son of the Qin state’s king. At the time, China had been a divided country of se
National News
According to data released by Clarkson Research Services Ltd., Korean shipbuilders performed incredibly well in 2022. They received the most
National News
Danuri, Korea’s lunar orbiter, has successfully entered the moon’s orbit. The orbiter will soon transmit data back to scientists in Korea.
World News
Harvard University is almost 400 years old. But it has never had a black president until recently. The university has picked Claudine Gay as
Recently, scientists studied the brains of 2,217 children that were nine or 10. Some of them played video games regularly, while others didn
The majority of consumers at convenience stores in the future will be young people under the age of 13. In the past, young adults in their 2
Kim Go-eun is a versatile actress from Korea who works in many different fields, including acting and singing. She has continued to build he
Around Me
A pencil is a writing or drawing tool. It is made of wood. You can write with the black tip! I
Yummy News
“Bungeoppang” means carp bread. It has red bean paste or custard cream inside. It is sweet an
Around Nature
Reindeer eat leaves, herbs, grass, and moss. They live in Scandinavia, Russia, and Alaska. Most
See & do
- Read, trace, and do! (1) Splash. Splash the water. (2) Answer. Answer the phone. (3) Peel. Peel
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