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Headline News
The independent experts that advise the United Nations on human rights concerns made a formal statement on Monday, Apr.
In a historic moment for space technology, NASA scientists have extracted breathable oxygen from the surface of Mars. Th
National News
Forbes is a famous American magazine specialized in finance and industry. Every year, the magazine presents lists of you
Around Me
A carpenter is a person who makes things out of wood as a job. Carpenters usually make tables and c
World News I
With several days in a row of more than 350,000 new coronavirus infections, India is desperate for relief as they face a collapse of their h
What’s This About?Around the world students of all ages attend school with their peers. One aspect of going to school is choosing what to w
Soccer fans throughout Europe were outraged when it was announced on Apr. 18 that many of the continent’s most influential teams were plann
The 2021 Academy Awards show was watched this year by a record low number of people. In spite of some historic wins for several people, many
World News
Despite the difficulties faced due to the pandemic, Australians and New Zealanders gathered together to commemorate their fallen soldiers on
The Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, celebrated her 95th birthday last week and is the oldest living monarch in the world.Her full
National News
Hamyang Daebong Mountain Valley Resort in South Gyeongsang Province is now open to the public.The most notable feature of the place will be
National News
Recently, Woori Bank signed an agreement to work with a startup company to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) banker that can provide c
World News
On Apr. 22, people from around the world celebrated Earth Day. The purpose of Earth Day is to raise awareness about the planet and the envir
The NASA-invented Ingenuity helicopter has become the first aircraft to successfully fly on Mars. The aircraft landed on the Red Planet in F
Remembering how many days are in each month can be difficult. It seems like there is a pattern, but it is not consistent through the entire
A big American science company, called 3M, holds a contest for children every year.Kids around the United States enter the contest with new
Around Me
A carpenter is a person who makes things out of wood as a job. Carpenters usually make tables and c
Yummy News
Bhutan is a country in South Asia. Thimphu is the capital. Bhutan has many mountains and valleys.
Around Nature
A flying squirrel is a type of squirrel with big, round eyes. Flying squirrels have flaps between t
See & do
(1) Study. Study with a laptop. (2) Visit. Visit the dentist. (3) Wash. Wash the car. (4) Write.
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