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Headline News
Ever since Ethiopia started building its dam in 2011, it has become a source of tension in the Nile River basin. This ha
Alzheimer’s disease occurs because of many different reasons, but experts say changing your lifestyle can help prevent
National News
Kakao Corporation recently opened a Kakao Friends store at Seoul Station. The company decided to open it because the pop
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Bicycles have two wheels and two pedals. When we push the pedals with our feet, the bicycle moves f
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Major retailers across the United States, including Walmart, Target, and CVS, are now enacting policies requiring their customers to wear a
What’s This About?Water safety has become a hot issue in Korea. After larva-like organisms were found in Incheon’s tap water in mid-July,
In the U.S., baseball is known as “America’s pastime.” However, something surprising has happened during the 2020 baseball season. An inc
JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, NiziU, released its pre-debut mini album and music video in late June.Called “Make You Happy,” the
World News
Famous Bollywood star Irrfan Khan recently died from a colon infection. India Today, a weekly Indian news magazine, reported that Khan died
Ip Man is known as Bruce Lee’s kung fu master who popularized the Wing Chun form. Born in 1893 in Foshan, China, he studied Wing Chun, whic
National News
Those who enjoy consuming apple watermelons in the summer will now have an opportunity to taste fresh ones harvested in Goseong County, Sout
National News
Due to an increasing number of animals falling victim to road accidents, the Korean government has recently unveiled a plan to implement sev
World News
CNN recently reported that China’s economy is starting to grow again. Although Chinese citizens suffered from the coronavirus crisis for ab
There is no exact guideline on how many hours you should sleep, but scientists say it’s good to sleep as much as you can. They say that ele
Every summer, many people become susceptible to itchy and sore mosquito bites. What’s worse, mosquitos can pass on diseases in the process.
Many students cannot go back to school because of the coronavirus pandemic. They have to take online classes and study at home.Alexis Lovera
Around Me
Bicycles have two wheels and two pedals. When we push the pedals with our feet, the bicycle moves f
Yummy News
K-pop is a style of music from Korea. K-pop songs are fun to listen to. They have a very catchy
Around Nature
Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. Giraffes have a very long neck and very long legs.
See & do
Subway trains are electric trains that go under the ground. They are fast. So, many people take th
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