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Headline News
With global warming disrupting weather patterns and devastating both human communities and wildlife habitats, it has bec
Scientists that performed experiments on hamsters were surprised when the results weren’t what they expected. The scien
National News
Korea experienced its hottest spring on record this year. The national average temperature was recorded at 13.2 degrees
Around Me
Fondue is a dish made of melted cheese. People can dip bread or vegetables into it. Fondue is po
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The Mona Lisa was targeted on May 29 by a visitor who pretended to have a disability. The man wore a wig and sat in a wheelchair when he thr
What’s This About?Crying is a natural reaction that people have when they experience something sad or painful. It causes us to shed tears,
The PGA Tour recently suspended 17 players who participated in the LIV Golf Invitational Series. Among those who have been suspended indefin
Deadpool 3 will be the first Deadpool movie to be produced since Marvel Studios’ parent company, Disney, acquired 21st Century Fox in 2019.
World News
As airline travel increases, one airport in Europe is experiencing unprecedented chaos. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in the Netherlands is
Born in 1913 in Alabama, Rosa Parks grew up in a segregated area of the United States. This meant that many places and things, including sch
National News
Mount Jiri, the second-tallest mountain in Korea after Mount Halla, is home to many of Korea’s Asiatic black bears. Designated as Korea’s
National News
Once again, the Korean boy band BTS has demonstrated its positive influence in helping to make the world a better place. Recently, the group
World News
Getting to the moon is difficult. So far, only American astronauts have walked on the moon. But, President Joe Biden recently made an announ
Scientists know that elephants are social animals. They care for each other. They are also emotional. Scientists recently learned something
Bees are very important. They pollinate our plants and allow them to fruit, seed, and reproduce. Some experts say bees are responsible for o
The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made many people feel alienated from each other. However, as people attempted to cope with the void in thei
Around Me
Fondue is a dish made of melted cheese. People can dip bread or vegetables into it. Fondue is po
Yummy News
Durian is a tropical fruit. It is large. It is sweet. It is soft inside. It has a strong smell
Around Nature
What animals can fly? I see a bird. It is in the nest. It can fly. I see an owl. It has a
See & do
(1) Dip. Dip your bread into the cheese. (2) Paint. Paint your eggs. (3) Jump. Jump in the puddle.
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