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The decades-long battle over the largest intact wilderness ecosystem in the U.S. is about to reach a crescendo as the U.
Parrots are known to be incredibly skilled in vocalizations. Neuroscientists assume parrots can speak because their song
National News
On Jan. 4, an unnamed person donated W120 million to the Community Chest of Korea in North Jeolla Province. It is a famo
Around Me
We use languages to tell other people how we feel. We use languages to talk and write to other peop
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On Jan. 7, Spain recorded its lowest temperature ever, beating its previous record of -34.1 degrees Celsius. The record-breaking temperature
What’s This About?Processed meat refers to any meat that has been modified to taste better or to have a longer shelf life. Examples include
Announcer Hong Jae-kyung, known as a versatile announcer, recently said she made the decision to quit SBS Sports as of Dec. 31. Hong launche
Venom: Let There Be Carnage, an American superhero film, is the sequel to 2018’s Venom. Directed by English actor, narrator, and film direc
World News
Marilyn Strickland, a Korean-American legislator elected in Washington’s 10th Congressional District, attended the opening of the U.S. Cong
Han Seok-bong, born in 1543, is regarded as the best calligrapher of the Joseon era. His mother, who endured poverty to educate him, is stil
National News
On Jan. 29, Samsung Electronics will officially launch its Galaxy S21 series, which includes the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21
National News
As the new year has arrived, Job Korea and Albamon recently conducted a special survey of 5,330 men and women in their 20s and 30s.The respo
World News
Vietnamese lawmakers are planning to develop an island called Phu Quoc into a city. The island is known as a famous tourist area. It has abo
Perfume gives you a good smell. You need to extract some compounds and mix them properly to make it. Vanillin and coumarin are used a lot as
Bears go into hibernation during cold and harsh winter months. They hibernate to save energy, as there is not much food for them to eat duri
Most people have their own respective goals as New Year’s resolutions. However, resolutions for the entire family can be great, too! It is
Around Me
We use languages to tell other people how we feel. We use languages to talk and write to other peop
Yummy News
The United Kingdom is an island country in Europe. London is the capital. There are four countries
Around Nature
A seagull is a bird that lives near the sea. Seagulls have white and gray feathers. They also have
See & do
(1) Create. Create your own toy. (2) Open. Open a can. (3) Raise. Raise your hand. (4) Visit. Vis
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